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The annual user meeting in review

A summary of the event day and an overview of all presentations

Review .riess UPDATE 22

The annual user meeting for the integration of PTC Solutions in SAP - completely virtual for the second time

Successful implementation in a virtual environment

What is actually known as an annual face-to-face event was held in virtual format for the second time this year due to the ongoing pandemic situation: The .riess UPDATE 22, which took place on February 23rd, 2022. .riess engineering is pleased to look back on a successful event again this year.

Through the repeated completely virtual implementation of the annual user meeting for the integration of PTC Solutions in SAP, the .riess event team was able to fully draw on the experience of the previous event last year. Once again, the virtual format gave more participants than ever the opportunity to follow the entire event or just individual presentations. Spread over the day of the event, .riess engineering was able to look forward to a number of almost 200 participants from almost 100 companies, who followed the various presentations and helped shape the day very lively with their questions and discussions.

Digitalization more important than ever

The last two years have shown companies and private individuals the special importance of digitalization. We all faced the challenge of finding new ways to keep the communication going.

The main purpose of .riess UPDATE 22 was to show how the price list products SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo and SAP product data management integration to PTC Windchill developed by .riess engineering support customers in this regard.

The broad agenda of expert and customer presentations offered the participants a diverse selection of sometimes parallel, in-depth insights into these solutions. The participants had the opportunity to dial into the appropriate presentations according to their interests and applications.

"For us, dear customers and interested parties, the focus of 2021 was to provide further massive support in the implementation of your digitalization strategy. Firstly with our SAP integrations for PTC Solutions, but also with the .riess Process Optimization solutions and our consulting services. This is exactly what we would like to report on today and inform you about.” said Wolfgang Schukowski, Managing Director of .riess engineering europe gmbh, when welcoming the participants.

Deepening of the partnership between .riess and SAP

Wolfgang Schukowski, Managing Director .riess engineering, at the UPDATE 22

At the introduction of .riess engineering immediately after the welcome, Wolfgang Schukowski announced that .riess engineering would receive the SAP Gold Partner status for the service partnership. In addition to the SAP Platinum Partner status for the development partnership, .riess engineering has not only reached an important milestone, but also further deepened the partnership between .riess engineering and SAP.

Overview of the lectures of the day

Product development on the way to the Cloud - Trends and Opportunities

The keynote was held by Stefan Ziegler, Regional Business Development Manager PLM at SAP Germany SE & Co. KG. At the beginning he went into the extensive portfolio of SAP PLM. He then explained how the product creation process can be divided into the areas of 'Define', 'Develop', 'Deliver' and 'Manage' and which solution modules support the phases mentioned.

Stefan Ziegler outlined the way for customers to switch to cloud-based solution scenarios. 'RISE with SAP' is a central component here. In his presentation, he paid particular attention to the effects and opportunities of this trend on development departments and the entire product creation process. The company of the future is a "design-driven enterprise in the SAP cloud", according to Stefan Ziegler.

Presentation Slide from SAP
Stefan Ziegler, Regional Business Development Manager PLM bei SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG

Division according to main topics

After the joint start of the event, it was divided into the tracks SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo and SAP PDM integration to PTC Windchill.

In the parallel presentations, the respective responsible SAP product owners started with an introduction to the two different solution approaches, which were then examined in detail by the .riess team in detailed and live presentations. Both tracks were rounded off by a customer presentation.

SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo

In Track 1, Gerhard Himmelsbach, Product Owner SAP PLM of SAP SE, presented the strategy and new features in SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) in detail. In addition to new functions and improvements, the focus was also on the topic of the cloud.

To attend to the various requirements for participation in UPDATE 22, there was a demonstration for interested parties and new customers as well as for existing customers, who set different priorities accordingly. The live demo for interested parties and new customers was conducted by Ralf Karies, Innovation & Business Development at .riess engineering. He focused primarily on presenting the user interface and the operating concept of SAP ECTR with interface to PTC Creo and providing an initial insight into the basic functionality of the solution and the SAP PLM basic processes involved. At the same time, Andreas Stein, Product Manager at .riess engineering, presented new functions of the SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo in detail for existing customers, as well as new possible working methods.

[Translate to Englisch:] Zoom Ansicht der Präsentation von Gerhard Himmelsbach
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[Translate to Englisch:] PowerPoint Folie

SAP product data management integration to PTC Windchill

In Track 2, Dennis Detjens, Product Owner PLM Integrations at SAP SE, started his presentation with an overview and a brief introduction to the integration of external PDM systems in SAP. He then introduced new features of the SAP Product Management Integration (SAP PDMI) and ended with a look at the roadmap.

After the lunch break, Denis Gierich, Innovation & Business Development at .riess engineering, took over the demonstration of a bidirectional end-to-end process using the SAP PDMI Package Monitor, including a cross-system change process. At the end of this presentation, Dennis Detjens showed the possibilities in the SAP process chain according to the SAP PDMI Package Monitor.


[Translate to Englisch:] Präsentation PDMI Vorstellung durch SAP
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Success Stories from customers

.riess engineering was very pleased that two of their customers actively supported the course of UPDATE 22 this year with customer presentations and presented their success stories to the participants.

[Translate to Englisch:] Logo Endress+Hauser[Translate to Englisch:] PowerPoint Folie Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser InfoServe GmbH+Co. KG

Wolfgang Schukowski introduced the Endress+Hauser presentation and introduced the speaker Dr. Ulrich Binninger, Solution Architect PLM | Applications Production Consulting at Endress+Hauser InfoServe GmbH+Co. KG, with the words: "Dr. Binninger and I met more than 20 years ago on the first SAP CAD desktop integration project at Endress+Hauser. The history of the SAP integration strategy at the Endress+Hauser Group and the partnership between the two companies goes back that long.

In his presentation entitled "From PDM to an integrated PLM - the departure into a new world", Dr. Binninger gave a valuable insight into the diverse challenges and opportunities that open up for Endress+Hauser when changing from local PDM systems to an integrated and harmonized PLM world with the goal of SAP S/4HANA. In addition to m-CAD, more and more other systems such as e-CAD systems or technical documentation are playing a role. The exchange between the worlds is thus gaining in importance, said Dr. Binninger clearly.

It is really remarkable how the Endress+Hauser Group has developed in terms of integration and harmonization over the last few years and what is still planned in the direction of the 'New World'. I'll just say 'ONE Endress+Hauser'.

Wolfgang Schukowski, Managing Director of .riess engineering europe gmbh, about the progress and goals of the "ONE Endress+Hauser" harmonization project at the Endress+Hauser Group
[Translate to Englisch:] Logo der LEONI AG[Translate to Englisch:] PowerPoint Folie LEONI AG


In the parallel customer presentation, Hannes Frischmann, Global Design Lead E2L S/4HANA at LEONI AG, presented the FLOW project, a company-wide transformation program with a focus on the harmonization and standardization of processes based on SAP S/4HANA. This was followed by the introduction of the sub-project E2L (Engineering to Launch), in which the SAP PDM integration to PTC Windchill is used. However, the integration of this interface was not just talked about.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Frischmann showed in a demo video what exactly happens in the interface between PTC Windchill and SAP and thus made those processes visible that subsequently take place automatically in the living system in a process-driven manner. As a result, the participants were able to follow very well how easily and efficiently the PTC Windchill and SAP systems can be connected with each other and at the same time how deeply process-integrated this connection can be embedded in the existing workflows.

Integration is key - so that we don't let the change process end at the end of Windchill, but fully integrate it into the topic of S/4HANA. And the interface by .riess also helps us with this

Hannes Frischmann, Global Design Lead E2L S/4HANA at LEONI AG

Conclusion of the event day

After the customer presentations, Wolfgang Schukowski summarized the day and thanked all participants of the very successful virtual .riess UPDATE 22, but especially the speakers of the day.

Then he introduced the five virtual roundtables. Once for the SAP price list products SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo and SAP PDM integration to PTC Windchill, as well as for the .riess process optimization and data migration solutions .riess® ProcessOptimizer, .riess® Converter and .riess® MigrationSuite. In the roundtables, the speakers and the team from .riess engineering answered the day's outstanding questions, and the discussions between participants and speakers on the topics of the event were continued.

The next .riess UPDATE is expected to take place again in February 2023.

Until then, .riess engineering wishes its customers, interested parties and partners all the best and good health.

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