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.riess® Individual Solutions

Tailored solutions for customer-specific requirements

Unique solutions

Unique requirements need unique solutions. .riess® IndividualSolutions offer you maximum flexibility based on standard products and solutions and beyond.


Our products and SAP software cover a wide range of standard functions. Over 20 years of experience in the CAD integration environment led us to incorporate numerous customer requirements in our software which you will profit from starting with the implementation.

Your requirements are unique and your processes developed and grew over the years which can sometimes lead to a discrepancy that refuses the easy incorporation of a standard.

To assist you as best as possible with your requirements we offer custom tailored solutions and enhancements with .riess® IndividualSolutions covering our entire product portolio and beyond.

Custom-fit solutions

Illustration of the five steps to an individual solution

Our consulting and development specialists accompany you through the whole process of the emergence of your .riess® IndividualSolution. From the very first specification, over the execution of a feasibility study, the development and the implementation, up to testing and Go-Live we are at your side for support to provide you with the best solution possible.


Our consulting specialist will take in your requirements and together with you work out a concrete specification.


The specification of your .riess® IndividualSolution will be handed over to our experienced developers. In a feasability study they verify your demands for technical practicability.


As soon as the specification and the feasability form a uniform picture your .riess® IndividualSolution will go in development.


With the end of the development phase your .riess® IndividualSolution will be provided to you in a distribution package and implemented on your systems.


Together with our specialist you will test the functionality of your .riess® IndividualSolution to implement possible adjustments.

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