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.riess® Converter

Generation of 3D and 2D neutral files to view in SAP

Automated generation of neutral formats

.riess® Converter is our solution for automated generation of neutral formats based on PTC Creo Parametric files. The rule set for the conversion is configured in an easy and intuitive to use UI.


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.riess® Converter is the right application for you to create neutral formats and visualization files from your PTC Creo Parametric files. .riess® Converter offers event based updates and conversion of CAD originals. Convert in SAP PLM managed CAD files from PTC Creo Parametric into visualization files and neutral files. The homogeneous integration into existing solutions for SAP conversion process control ensures seamless conversion processes.

PTC Creo Parameric attributes can automatically be synchronized during the conversion with data from e.g. SAP document info records. You can easily configure and expand the conversion rule set at an time. Due to this, .riess® Converter is a tool that flexibly adjusts to your processes while providing stability and portability at the same time.

Illustration of the conversion process between the conversion server and SAP PLM


Conversion and updates of PTC Creo Parametric files in SAP PLM. The conversion with .riess® Converter is integrated into the SAP conversion process control.

Centralized generation of viewing files and neutral files managed by conversion process control in SAP. The conversion process control, triggered by events, starts .riess® Converter. These events can be e.g. status changes of a document or saving a CAD file in SAP PLM.

SAP metadata can be synchronized into PTC Creo Parametric model and drawing parameters.

Rule based, automated remote control for the output of viewing files and neutral files created using functions available in PTC Creo Parametric.

You can use .riess® Converter to control other secondary converters for follow up conversions.


  • Automated conversion and update of PTC Creo Parametric files
  • Realization of complex processes in PTC Creo Parametric during the conversion
  • Intuitive user interface for easy creation of rule sets for the conversion
  • Even the most complex conversion tasks can be performed due to JavaScript
  • Synchronization of SAP metadata enables consistent and centrally maintained information of PTC Creo Parametric parameters in SAP for usage in e.g. title blocks of a drawing
  • Integrated use of PTC Creo Parametric printer and export settings


Screenshot of the synchronization between SAP information and drawings from PTC Creo Parametric

Synchronize your SAP metadata to your PTC Creo Parametric drawing

Screenshot of the synchronization of SAP information into the PTC Creo Parametric title block

Synchronize SAP information into the PTC Creo Parametric title block

Screenshot of synchronizing updated SAP metadata into the drawing

Update of SAP metadata will be synchronized into the drawing

Screenshot of the synchronization of updated metadata into the drawing

Update of SAP metadata will be synchronized into the drawing

Screenshot of drawings with BOM and Ballons

Enhance drawings with BOM and Balloons


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