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Consulting Services

Implementation and consulting services around the integration of development processes in SAP

Integration of your Construction Processes in SAP

Our highly specialized consultats support you with the complex task of integrating your construction processes in SAP as best as possible. Regardless if it is the connection from PTC Windchill to SAP, the direct management of PTC Creo Parametric files in SAP or the optimization of processes utilizing our .riess Product Portfolio: Our consultants will advise you holistically and leverage your project to success.

Project Start with Best-Practice Starter Packages

Starter Packages offer a pre-defined scope of services containing a simple approach to make the highly complex subjects around CAD and PDM/PLM integration to SAP tangible. We have a qualified team of consultants who are experts in breaking down complex requirements of integrating your product development processes in SAP the practical way. Starter Packages form a solid base to start that process. With the Starter Packages you get practical access to the solutions and your requirements are worked out directly on your Sandbox- or Test System.

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Available Starter Packages

  • Starter Package: SAP product data management integration to PTC Windchill for the implementation of the SAP standard integration to connect PTC Windchill and SAP
  • Starter Package: SAP Engineering Contron Center interface to PTC Creo for the implementation of PTC Creo CAD data management in SAP by detaching external PDM/PLM-systems
  • Starter Package: Data migration to SAP PLM for the migration of your PTC Creo CAD documents and their metadata from different sources to SAP
  • Transfer Package: SAP Engineering Control Center for SAP CAD Desktop Customers for upgrading your SAP PLM integration for Pro/ENGINEER on SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo

Information on Starter Packages

.riess Products

Beyond the SAP pricelist products SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo and SAP product data management integration to PTC Windchill we offer a portfolio of products that complement the SAP solutions and maximize their potential.

In numerous projects our consultants implemented these solutions, embedded them in existing processes or expanded them and optimized workflows around the integration of construction processes in SAP.

Product logo .riess Converter


Conversion of your CAD data into neutral formats and visualization files

Product Information

Product logo .riess MigrationSuite


Migration of your CAD documents and their metadata to SAP

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Product logo .riess ProcessOptimizer


Control of compliance with your regulations in the design process in SAP PLM

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.riess IndividualSolutions

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All of our software products and solutions strive for maximum standardization. Naturally not every requirement can be met with standard software. Our answer to customer specific developement services is .riess® IndividualSolutions.

Our specialists take your requirements in and review them. After the development of your solution the delivered software gets testes on your system to implement possible adjustments. The result is a custom tailored functionality based on standard software.

Learn about .riess® IndividualSolutions

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Product logo SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo

SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo

Integrate the management of your CAD data directly into SAP PLM


Product logo SAP PDM integration to PTC Windchill

SAP PDM integration to PTC Windchill

Overcome system boundaries and connect PTC Windchill with SAP