Control of  data export out of different PDM systems

The java progeammed .riess® MigrationSuite is based on its own migration database and accesses Pro/INTRALINK via Toolkit functions or any other PDM system. Using its user interface, you can define search queries to find and select data.

The matching Objects will be saved into the .riess® MigrationSuite database. During the next step, every single object will be exported. Using JavaScript, options can be defined so you can prepare and enhance Pro/ENGINEER & Creo data with, for example, Pro/INTRALINK metadata especially for SAP import. Using the created import lists and directories your data can be imported into your SAP system.

Your advantages

  • Configurable actions for meta data export via JavaScript
  • Definable search queries, for example foldernames or parts of a name
  • Different, combinable export modes (As stored, revision, version, last n versions, objects in a specific state) are usable


Using a client/server architekture in combination with an own migration database, processes are highly parallelizable.

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