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.riess® MigrationSuite

Standard software solution to migrate CAD documents and their metadata from various source systems to SAP

Allround suite for CAD data migration

.riess® MigrationSuite is a proven solution for the migration of PTC Creo Parametric files and their metadata from various sources to SAP. Migration parameters can be configured using the same simple user interface that will let you monitor the data migration as such.


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.riess® MigrationSuite is the right application for you, if you want to migrate data from your current product data management system or file server to SAP PLM. The core builds a dedicated migration database that manages all of your PTC Creo Parametric files, structures and other file types, as well as all their associated metadata. This database is the central link between source and target system and enables special functions of the .riess® MigrationSuite like delta migration of your CAD data to ensure an uninterupted switch of your data management over to SAP PLM.

You can define easy or complex search queries for the source PDM system thanks to the user interface of the .riess® MigrationSuite. The gathered files and structures from PTC Creo Parametric, as well as all other required files will be exported and stored in the .riess® MigrationSuite database. Before the data will be imported into SAP PLM, these files and their metadata can be enhanced with further metadata from the source system if neccecary. These processes can be automated.

.riess® MigrationSuite enables you to perform the data migration by yourself or with the support of our migration specialists. In that case you'll benefit from both, the use of  .riess® MigrationSuite as well as the extensive experience of our consultants gained in numerous migration projects.

The data migration offers a chance for you to enhance your data quality by cleaning up and consolidating your data.

Simplified representation of a migration process from export from PDM systems to import into SAP

Modular Approach

Illustration of a lightbulb that consists of puzzle pieces

.riess® MigrationSuite consists of multiple proven modules. Each of them was created and optimized over the course of numerous migration projects. This modular approach gives us the flexibility to react to your individual requirements in the most flexible way and still provide powerful standard software. Sometimes the extensive scope of our standard software might not be wide enough for your special use case. Utilizing .riess® IndividualSolutions, we are able to extend and enhance functions of .riess® MigrationSuite easily to provide the best possible solution for you and your data.

.riess IndividualSolutions

.riess® MigrationCore

.riess® MigrationCore

  • Functional foundation and monitoring for data migration
  • Migration database
  • Configurable logging

.riess® MigrationMerge

.riess® MigrationMerge

  • Data merge of multiple databases and sources
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Restructuring of PTC Creo Parametric objects from a PTC Pro/INTRALINK or PTC Windchill PDMLink database to ensure consistant data

.riess® MigrationImport to SAP

.riess® MigrationImport to SAP

  • Import of PTC Creo Parametric files, structures and other file types, as well as all their associated metadata
  • Generation of document info records, bills of documents, material masters and bills of materials
  • Links to objects that either are created during the migration process or aleady exist in SAP
  • PTC Creo Parametric and SAP Engineering Control Center compliant data model


.riess® MigrationExport from PTC Windchill PDMLink

.riess® MigrationExport from PTC Windchill PDMLink *

  • Export of parameters and attributes from PTC Windchill PDMLink, as well as structure and reference information from PTC Creo Parametric
  • CAD structures and metadata export (CAD / Dynamic Document)
  • Product structure (Parts) and related objects (Documents) export
  • Support of PTC Windchill contexts like products and libraries

* This customer specific program section will be adapted on the customer specific environment, using customer own PTC software modules and licenses.

riess® MigrationExport from PTC Pro/INTRALINK

riess® MigrationExport from PTC Pro/INTRALINK *

  • Export of parameters and attributes from Pro/INTRALINK as well as structure and reference information from PTC Creo Parametric

* This customer specific program section will be adapted on the customer specific environment, using customer own PTC software modules and licenses.

Other PDM Systems

Others PDM Systems

  • Data exctract from many other PDM systems thanks to the experience and support of our partner network


Due to its client/server architecture, .riess® MigrationSuite can parallelize the export of files from a source system utilizing multiple export clients at the same time. Optimal load balance and allocation of the export clients is controlled and ensured by the .riess® MigrationCore.

PDM systems work with unique structures of their data. .riess® MigrationSuite is optimized to consume data from various source systems and translate them to the SAP data model to ensure the best possible migration of your existing data.

The analysis functions of .riess® MigrationSuite can identify corrupt assemblies. This enables you to perform an easy, efficient and fast data cleansing which ensures an optimal data migration result.

Merge of multiple source databases (e.g. PTC Windchill PDMLink, Pro/INTRALINK or Windows file system)

PLM/PDM systems are the central point of your engineering data. The more time passes, the more likely it is that a system contains redundant files with the exact same content. .riess® MigrationSuite offers easy to use tools to identify duplicates when merging multiple source databases (e.g. different engineering sites).

The combination of both, the central migration database and the modular approach of .riess® MigrationSuite, enable the utilization of multiple export modules simultaneously for the migration of different sources.


  • Proven standard software solution for data migration to SAP
  • Modular approach to provide flexibility for your migration requirements
  • Standard export modules for PTC Windchill PDMLink, Pro/INTRALINK, Windows file system and more
  • GUI for easy usage as well as configuration, monitoring migration progress, system status and success rate
  • Central migration database of all to-be-migrated CAD objects including associated metadata
  • Easy data quality analysis with support to identify defective assemblies for faster data cleansing
  • Custom configurable search options e.g. by date, folders, snippets of names, patters, etc.
  • Various combinable export modes (latest version, revisions and iterations, all versions, last N versions, in specific status)
  • Custom configurable actions for metadata export
  • Highly parallelized processes enabled by the client/server architecture in conjunction with the database of .riess® MigrationSuite


Screenshot configuration dialog of the master in the MigrationSuite

Configuration dialog of the Master with multiple databases (snapshots of the project) and configured data sources

Screenshot configuration of launcher rest times

Configuration of launcher rest times. Work stations of engineers can be e.g. only utilized after their work hours

Screenshot customer specific enhancements or checks of the dataset

Customer specific enhancements or checks of the gathered dataset

Screenshot overview of running components and processing status of tasks

Overview of running components (Status, errors) and processing status of tasks

Screenshot list of data and their status

List of gathered data and their respective status


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