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Social Commitment

Information about the funding of social projects by .riess engineering

Support of social projects

As a successful company .riess not only bears a big responsibility for its staff and their families but also sees the responsibility to engage socially. That is why we supporte various social projects and engagements in Germany and abroad. In the selection of projects, we set a high value on ensuring that our donation reaches the helpers directly and benefits the affected people as much as possible - especially this year with the coronavirus pandemic.

Worldwide Commitment

Rosner with manChildren in Ecuador

Padre Enrique Rosner - Corona help and help for the indigenous people in Ecuador

The missionary preacher pastor Heinrich "Enrique" Rosner from Miesbach in Bavaria is older than 80 has been living in Ecuador for almost 50 years and is there to promote progress and development to alleviate the grievances of the very poor. Near the end of his missionary life Padre Enrique Rosner has made another discovery and has met the native of the Waorani in the jungle. With the community of Wentaro a great friendship has emerged and Rosner defends their rights against the attacks of the oil companies that drive them out of their jungle paradise.

„This year, the corona virus pandemic outshone everything I ever experienced in South America“, Rosner wrote in one of his last newsletters. „After 48 years in Latin America and my 82 years experience in pastoral care I feel challenged as never before.“

.riess supported Padre Enrique Rosner again this year with a donation to his tireless efforts for his parish. The donation went into helping measures of containing and alleviating the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic: groceries for families and single parents, leased farmland, seeds for self-supply, co-financing of new graves, medication, articles of hygiene and desinfection, but also quick tests for the coronavirus and allowances for interent charges (for virtual schooling).

Board with photos and notes

Kidz4Kidz from Goethe-Gymnasium Karlsruhe - Daycare in Honduras

Goethe kidz4kidzis a student group at the Goethe-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe. Their goal: the preservation of a day care center in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. It's called 'Pasos Pequeñitos', which means 'little steps'. The student group founded this initiative in 2012 to support this project, which was experiencing financial difficulties. In this kindergarten children of single mothers are cared for. These usually come from poor backgrounds and can’t afford a regular accommodation for their children. The care extends from the pedagogical care of small children up to homework help for the schoolchildren.

Being a single parent and without a degree in education often means that mothers in Honduras spend their working lives in low pay without the hope of improvement. But with the support of "Pasos Pequeñitos" mothers are able to create a better future for themselves and their children. They have the opportunity to start training or earn a living for the family.

For several years .riess donated for this social commitment. 100% of the donations arrive at the kindergarten in Honduras. On YouTube you will also find a small video clip about the Kita.

Latin America is strongly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It is for this reason the daycare facility ‚'Pasos Pequeñitos' had tob e closed due to the shutdown. Until today this shutdown has not been loosend enough and it is unclear when the daycare famility will re-open again. With the donations the mothers get a tempory individual help to overcome this difficult situation. It is clear that NHP Honduras is willing to maintain and preserve the daycare famility for children of single mothers and they want to re-open as soon as possible.



Logo Plan International

Plan International Deutschland e.V. – Child Sponsorship

Plan International Germany is a charitable child relief organization active in 52 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. On the ground, Plan helps to improve living conditions so that children and adolescents, regardless of their background, their religion or the political conditions prevailing in the developing country, can develop freely and develop well.

In doing so, they are guided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and are committed to strengthening children's rights, protecting children and ensuring a safe and happy childhood worldwide.

For many years .riess has been supporting two godchildren with a monthly donation to Plan. Currently these are: Alex from Nepal and A.alla from Sudan.

Local Commitment

Woman with horse

Riesserhof in Garmisch – Therapeutic riding

For years, the company owner Martin Rieß has been involved in therapeutic riding. On his Riesserhof in Garmisch-Patenkirchen he offers the infrastructure for the so-called hippotherapy (physiotherapy treatment and relief of physical ailments and disabilities) and curative education riding for children with physical and mental disabilities. For example, on the Riesserhof there is a large indoor riding arena and suitable horses (Icelanders, Norwegians and Haflingers), who live in an open stable with Padock and also feel comfortable in the pasture grounds near the farm and partly in the summer on the mountain pasture.

Logo KJE

Child, Youth and Adult help in Garmisch

The activity of this association consists in the care and promotion of children, adolescents and adults, who are not only temporarily physically, mentally, emotionally or multiply disabled. This happens regardless of religion and origin. To this end, the association provides structural and individual forms of assistance as well as medical, therapeutic and social measures that serve holistic promotion and meet the needs of people with disabilities under the social conditions.

The club maintains social services, facilities and work opportunities. These are in particular outpatient services, integration kindergartens, curative day nurseries, residential homes, care facilities and workshops as well as a practice for physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. The association draws the public's attention to the problems of people with disabilities and represents their concerns. To achieve its goals, the association seeks cooperation with other agencies, authorities and institutions.


Logo Bergwacht Garmisch

Mountain Rescue Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The Bergwacht Bayern carries out the rescue service in the alpine areas of operation, in impassable application areas and in caves.

The Bergwacht Bayern is a traditional organization that was founded about 100 years ago to take over the accident service in the Bavarian Alps. Since then, the Bergwacht Bayern has gone through a large number of developments and adaptation processes. Today, the Bavarian Mountain Guard faces a number of challenges that lie in the current developments and in the changed behavior of the population in Germany.

Changed recreational behavior of the population and increasing tourism in the Bavarian Alps mean a stronger burden for the Bavarian mountain rescue service. More efficient cable car lifts carry many seekers for recreation in the chord on mountain peaks, attractive mountain restaurants attract in broad advertising with panoramic views. Trendy sports draw people into once-deserted landscapes. Snow cannons and floodlights extend the ski season as well as the ski day, mountain bike parks and halfpipes mean new areas of application.

Added to this is the growing proportion of older and mobile people with more and more free time. The consequences are increasing numbers of workdays on weekdays. Also, the general climate change is noticeable, which causes precipitation-induced damage events, especially in the Bavarian Alpine region. The Bergwacht Bayern wants to live up to all these tasks and ensure the rescue service in the mountains. As a volunteer organization, it relies on the help and support of her many partners, some of whom have their own interests in these partnerships.


Logo Kiwanis Club Garmisch

Kiwanis Club Garmisch

The Kiwanis-Club Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a living element of a worldwide organization of volunteers who actively work for the well-being of children and the community.

In the KIWANIS-Club Garmisch-Partenkirchen active people from all professions and social classes are involved in non-partisan and non-denominational activities.

In the focus of the charity activities are especially children, young people and people with disabilities and their environment according to our international motto: "Serving the Children of the World" - "We help the children of the world"

The charity earnings are passed on without deductions and in full. The club helps with targeted measures primarily at regional but also at European level.


Logo animal shelter Garmisch

Animal shelter Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Animal protection with heart and mind - “To save an animal does not change the world. But for this one animal, his whole world is changing."

Logo Neue Tierhilfe

Neue Tierhilfe e.V. (Buchtunger Tierhof)

The new Tierhilfe e.V. is a private animal protection organisation where all animals can stay as long as they need to find their new and fitting home. The loving animal shelter cares for abandoned animals in need of help and tries to mediate them to a loving new owner. On their large premises the animals have their own stables and housings as well as enough space to move.


Other supported organizations

This year the following organizations were also supported:

  • Deutscher Alpenverein Sektion Garmisch-Partenkirchen e.V.
  • AC Garmisch Trial Abteilung Jugend
  • LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe

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