Your product infromation and data in SAP: We will support you!

Creo, Pro/ENGINEER and any other data stored in an existing system to manage your data need to be migrated to SAP PLM. We support you to continue your work using the SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo smoothly without any data loss.

Benefit from our longstanding experience

As Creo and Pro/ENGINEER specialists we have deep diving experiences with the migration from existing PTC Pro/INTRALINK and PTC Windchill Databases. On top of your CAD structures, you want to migrate your product structures (WTParts) and your meta data, too? You want to migrate more than one database and consolidate them into one single SAP database?

.riess has the perfectly fitting data migration solution for every scenario available for you. Our configurable standard solutions for data migration will enable you to migrate all your data as fast as possible into SAP PLM. Benefit from our experience out of dozens of projects and migrations.

„Ich habe keine PTC-Lösung zur CAD-Datenverwaltung im Einsatz, kann .riess mir dennoch helfen?“ Die Antwort ist ganz klar: Ja. Neben unzähligen erfolgreichen File-System-Migrationen sind wir auch in der Lage jedes beliebige Quellsystem nach SAP PLM migrieren zu können.

"I don't use a PTC solution for CAD data mangement, can .riess support me as well?" The Answer is easy: Yes. Next to many successfull file system migrations we're able to migrate any PDM system to SAP PLM.

Performance Boost using a client/server archiceture

Mit unserem Standardtool PriEx lassen sich Extraktionsprozesse (Clients) parallelisieren: Sparen Sie Zeit und damit bares Geld!

Using our standard tool PriEx you can parallelize extraction processes (clients). This will save time and money.

Hier erhalten Sie mehr Informationen zu unseren Produkten rund um die Datenmigration.

Here you'll get more information on our Products for Data Migration

PriEx Controlling of data export out of different PDM systems
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