Social engangement as a matter of honor

As a company with numerous customers in our region, we're of course interested in its economically development. But without an attractive social environment, a region will only be a place to live, work and earn money. Therefor .riess takes responsibility and engages in the social area as spomsor. For the people.


In the context of the Plan Internation Deutschland e.V., .riess has since 2005 two children sponsorships in Middle America and Asia.

Plan is in over 40 countries active as international child helping organization. Children are in its focus with the aim, to empower the girls andboys and to strengthen up their families and villages via long term programms and projects.

.riess long term supports Kanchhi-maya Balami, a girl from the Nepalese village Fakhel as well as Lai Van Duong, a little boy from the Village Luc Ngan in Vietnam.


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