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.riess engineering is the official development and implementation partner of SAP for interfacing PTC Creo and Pro/ENGINEER into SAP PLM for over 15 years now.

Since more than one year there is a complete new development contract between SAP SE and .riess engineering for the "SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo". The product is a SAP premium qualified price list product and like every other SAP product, support is done via the SAP Customer Service Network.

A year to make good even better

In 2015, SAP, DSC and .riess engineering worked hard and with enormous effort and an intense cooperation on the continous development of the "SAP ECTR 5.1" and the "SAP ECTR interface to PTC Creo 1.1" which are available since November 2015. With those releases, a load of new functions and process optimizations are available to customers word wide.

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In Q4, there was a "Customer HandsOn" at the SAP HQ in Walldorf and several customers did a "Customer validation" implementation which not only confirmed the SAP Engineering Control Center stragety but both, functionality and quality of the new release 5.1 of the SAP Engineering Control Center.

At the same, .riess engineering was focused on enhancing their add on tools for process optimization and data migration around the SAP ECTR world. Right now all implementations are using the new release.

Live Demos that excite customers

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Our sales team presented the SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo more then 50 times live in 2015:

During our Update 15.0, a road show and a webinar series together with SAP, at events like PI Product Innovation, SAPinsider Prague, SAP Conferences on Extended Supply Chain, the SAP PLM US Forums in Chigaco, Newtown Square and Palo Alto, several partner events as well as individual on site visites for customers.


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Continuous growth

2015review growth

2015s efforts have paid out. The received orders at the end of 2015 were higher than ever before. There have been ordered several national and international implementations of the "SAP Engineering Control Center" and the "SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo" with optimizations in SAP PLM processes and migration of existing PTC Creo data into SAP.

Even more companies already have decided to implement the solution in 2016.

A perfect basis for strategic growth on an economically stable foundation. 

As our year went that good, we're excited to be able to support even more social projects with our christmas time donations.

.riess engineering wishes all customers and partners merry Christmas and a healthy and successful year 2016.

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