As the years before, we're supporting several social projects so they can keep up their great work. As always, we take care that the donations end up, where they're supposed to.

This year, .riess engineering supports:

Missionary and pastor Enrique Rosner in Ecuador - always faithful to the gospel and the poor

The german missionary and pastor Enrique Rosner lives and works for 39 years as a missionary in Ecuador. Back then, on his way to Ecuador, he stopped in Argentinia, Chile and Peru. For mor then 24 years, he's working in Tababela/Quito. "Arriving at poor people" - he says. Because of his two homelands, Ecuador and Germany, he's also called "migratory bird".

Beside his pastoral activities in that village, he also supports a clan of the Worani in the equadorian rain forrest, that he "discovered".

We've directly donated to him.

Picutre: Waorani Kindergarten

Goethe kidz4kidz


Goethe kidz4kidz is a group of pupil from the Goethe-Gymnasium in Karlsruhe, Germany. Their goal: Keeping a day nursery in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, alive. The day nursery is called "Pasos Pequeñitos", which means "little steps".

To achieve their goal they set up activities to create sponsorships and collect money. On YouTube you'll also find a little video clip about the day nursery.

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Children, youth and adults help in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The activities of the organization consists out of taking care and encourage children, youth and adults who are physically, mentally, psychologically or multiple disabled. This help occurs independend of religion or national origin.

Therefore the organization provides structured and individual forms of help, as well as medical, therapeutic and social support. This support ensures a hollistic encouragement for the needs of the disabled people under a social point of view. The organization owns social services, institutions and places to work. Especially, those are outpatient services, integration kindergartens, curative care centers, residential homes, nursing homes and workshops as well as a doctors office for physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

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Helfende Hände WiWa (Helping Hands WiWa)

The organization sets their goal to support social projects in Germany and abroad. They're not focusing on big global help but to support small single activities with the aim to achieve sustained enhancement of living situations. Helping people help themselves is the main idea. This form of help has a long term character and is the basis for sustainable values. Especially supported is the "Schoolproject Gambia" together with the German-African Culture Organization Jama-Jama e.V. in Mühlhausen, Germany. Their chairman was born in Ghana and supports building a school and youth house on site. Close contact during the project and an ongoing in is guaranteed.

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Further donations

Further donations found their way to the Bergwacht (Alpine Rescue Service) and the Animal Shelter in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

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