The new release 5.1 of the SAP Engineering Control Center is available! One year after version 5.0, this new release comes with a load of enhancements and new functions.

Next to great improvements you don't see at the first sight, the SAP Engineering Control Center and its interface to PTC Creo comes with two big brand new features which we want to introduce to you.

Office Integration

With the new Office-Integration of SAP Engineering Control Center 5.1, the following applications from MS Office can be integrated:

  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Word

All Office-Integrations have the same ribbon bar:


The user can easily exchange attributes from SAP to Office to use them in the office files.



Application Structure

The Application Structure shows all objects which are currently loaded in your active Creo window and enhances them using important SAP information about the document.


The user can always use filter functionalities to analyze the structure, even for huge ones.

  1. DIR exists.
  2. DIR does not exists.
  3. Original is locally (CAD or Session) modified.
  4. Original is not up-to-date. Newer Save-Counter in SAP-System.
  5. Pending conflict: Original is locally modified and another user has checked it out.
  6. Conflict: Original is out-of-date, original is locally modified.
  7. Linked material for DIR does not exists.

Using the dynamic context menu, the user gets exactly the functions which he needs at that point.

applicationstructure context
















Cloning Tool

Using the Cloning Tool, you can securely clone single Parts or even big Assemblies in a controlled and efficient way. Keep track on every file that will be cloned and edit them comfortably right before cloning them.

cloningtool context














Clone complete Assemblies and decide for every single CAD object of classification or SAP object links should be adopted.

cloningtool detail

Further new features at a glance

SAP Engineering Control Center 5.1 supports the following languages

  • English
  • German
  • French (new)
  • Spanish (new)
  • Italian (new)
  • Portuguese (new)
  • Japanese (new)
  • Chinese (new)

Menu for Documents (Changed)

A new function menu for documents has been added. The menu is object oriented and offers various functions for certain objects.

Start Procedure (Enhanced)

SAP Engineering Control Center now takes less time to start as fewer SAP calls are used during startup. As of now, SAP Engineering Control Center bundles the RFC calls to reduce the total number of SAP calls that are needed for SAP Engineering Control Center initialization.

Search Functions (Enhanced)

SAP Engineering Control Center now allows you to search for file names.

Import-on-Demand (Enhanced)

The import-on-demand process now displays the known and unknown components on various tab pages of the Import-on-Demand dialog.

Multifunction Enhancement Spots (New)

There are now new BAdIs to enhance the back-end functionality of SAP Engineering Control Center that can be implemented multiple times.


  • Advanced BOM Creation
  • Trigger Visual Enterprise Generator (VEG) conversion
  • Integration of PLMWebUI (PLM 7): Object Navigator, Engineering Record, Access Control Context, Process Route…
  • ...and way more

Got curious?

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