Christmas donations for several social projects

.riess engineering has decided to go without sending christmas presents again and supports with donations and activities several social projects. Very important for us is the fact, that the help really find its way to the helpers.

This year we support:

Missioner and pastor Enrique Rosner in Ecuador

Beeing nearly 80 years old now, Missoner and pastor Enrique Rosner has been cofounder of the Münchener Bruderhilfe München - Ecuador over 50 years ago. He still is a direct and most important helper on site in the village Tababela next to QUito. Beseide his chaplain doing in the village, he also supports a tribe of the Waorani in the ecuadorian rain forest, which he "discovered". We've donated directly to him.



Job sponsorship in a "forrest school" in Walldorf

The donation is used for language training of asylum seekers. At the moment, five children of an Afghan family are supported. During or after the teaching time, they receive languate training by a non school related worker. According to the head techer Mr. Lorenz Kachler, the money came to the right point in time, as the funds were about to run out.

The project of the job sponsorship strated back in September 2010. It has been foundet  and is still supported by WiWa Familie, a local union for family Wiesloch-Walldorf. The patients and sponsors take the pulis by their hands and help them to find their way into business life. The care takes place starting with the end of the school, into the business education (1. year). 

The unsalaried sponsors perform important tasks like taking care of their protege, support him and (if needed) even accompany them to the company to get them a fitting internship and remeber them on dates. The pupil are chosen by a team consisting out of the class teacher and by a job sponsorship coordinator of the school. An important point is the voluntary and will of the pupil to use this chance. Periodically, sponsor meetings and educational trainings take place. The donation should primarily be used for educational trainings of the job sponsors.

Goethe kidz4kidz

Some pupil of the Guethe Gymnasium Karlsruhe founde 2012 the initiative kidz4kidz to support a project in Honduras which had financial issues back then. „Pasos Pequeñitos“ („small steps“) is a day care center for children in the capital Tegucigalpa. They take care of children from lone parents, mostly coming from poor situations beeing not able to pay for a normal care for their children. The care starts with the educational care and continues with helping the children with their homework. The offer for care of „Pasos Pequeñitos“ gave the mothers the possibility to start an education or earn money for living. At the moment guethe kidz4kidz consists out of six pupil.



Projekthilfe Uganda e.V.

Another donation went to the Projekthilfe Uganda e.V. Using the money, beds for aids orphans are produced. They're used in the home of the primary school St. Kizito in Kyamulibwa / Masaka Uganda through sponsorships. The complely chaneless children receive support, to get a life worth living.

Further Donations

Further donations have been made to the animal shelter in Garmisch-Patenkirchen, as well as to the Riesserhof gemeinnützige GmbH for their social engagement in therapy educational horse riding.

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