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Time to market, lot size one, Industry 4.0, as well as company wide change and project management are key challenges that build up on SAP ERP data and process structures. The SAP product „SAP product data management integration to PTC Windchill“ enables your company with a seamless integration of your PTC Windchill system into SAP ERP.

Beside the automated exchange of development data, the focus of the integration of PTC Windchill into SAP lies on the integration of development processes. The SAP product data management integration to PTC Windchill enables a holistic PLM process across system boarders.

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  • Bi directional data exchange between PTC Windchill and SAP PLM
  • Completely aligned into the SAP PLM strategy
  • Standard „out of the box“ Use Cases, developed in cooperation with customers, allowed a high level of standardization
  • „Best of both Worlds“ – Your processes determine the way, the interface works: You define which system leads which process
  • Company wide viewing of the 3D models due to the integration of the PTC Windchill CAD worker into the SAP 3D Visual Enterprise process
  • Future proof: Next to the classic SAP ECC, the technology basis also supports SAP S/4 HANA
  • As a SAP customer, new software versions can be downloaded easily through SAP Service Market Place


Benefit from software from a single source

The SAP product data management integration to PTC Windchill has been developed by .riess engineering for SAP. As official SAP price list product, you'll receive a deep integration of PTC Windchill directly into SAP ERP and PLM. Covered by software maintenance, the complete SAP support organization will take care of you.


Standard Use Cases: How do you work today?

The standard use cases divide between the „EPMDocument“ and the „WTPart“ scenario. If you're only working with CAD data and structures in PTC Windchill, the „EPMDocument“ scenario will provide you the full fletched integration of all required SAP objects based on your EPMDocuments.

If you already manage product structures in PTC Windchill, the „WTPart“ scenario is the right choice. SAP Materials, Bill of Materials, Document Info Records and other objects will be created and maintained based on your existing WTPart structures. Next to the classical change process that starts in PTC Windchill, the SAP product data management integration to PTC Windchill also enables a change process starting in SAP that then will be routed into PTC Windchill for execution. Independent of the chosen change process starting point, the finished change will be securely processed in SAP utilizing the SAP change number.


The interface natively supports the SAP PLM processes...

  • Master Data Management
  • Releasing Procedures
  • Workflow Management
  • BOM Synchronization
  • Change Management
  • Portfolio & Project Management
  • Visualization
  • Regulatory Management
  • Compliance

…with the following objects

  • Material Master
  • M-BOM
  • Documents
  • Engineering Record
  • Engineering Change Master


Out of the Box Features & Functions

  • Switch between Scenario EPM and Scenario WTParts
  • Maintain Document out of EPMDocument
  • Maintain Material out of EPMDocument
  • Maintain Material-Document-Link out of owner links of EPMDocuments
  • Maintain Document-Structure out of Member and Reference links of EPMDocuments
  • Maintain Bill-of-Material out of Member and Reference links of EPMDocuments
  • Maintain Material out of WTPart
  • Maintain Material-Document-Link out of CADDocuments of WTPart
  • Maintain Bill-of-Material out of WTPart usage links
  • Transfer Viewing Files to SAP
  • Process Engineering triggered Change
  • Process Business triggered Change
  • Display Information about SAP Objects in Windchill
  • Monitor Mapping and creation of Objects in SAP

Customizing Options

  • Map EPMDocument Properties
  • Map WTPart Properties
  • Create Document with external Number
  • Create Material with external Number


Your advantages

  • The SAP ECTR interface to Windchill builds the bridge between the product development and the SAP team, enabling a seamless way of working
  • Automated creation of master data
  • „Single Source of Truth“
  • Consistent data enables secure end to end processes
  • Fast processing of the data using parallelization, serialization, as well as asynchron and synchron communication between PTC Windchill and SAP
  • Company wide, controlled and documented change process
  • Because of the architecture and technology basis, the solution is highly configurable and scales easily according to your company size
  • Easy and mighty monitoring of the solution
  • No middleware needed (SAP PI can be used if required)
  • No 3rd party software: This solution is 100% SAP Software
  • Maintenance via SAP Service Marketplace


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