Individual configurable status approval rules

Depending on status network, for every defined status change. Specification of...


After determinationg the whole document structure including all depending documents whether bottom up or top down check ups are possible. The ProcessOptimizer determinates which documents of the structure aren't in the target status or any other reference status, yet and offers you several possibilities:

The defined rules whether apply befor or after the status change, so you can ensure that the check ups have been successful before changing a status or you can automatically set a now outdated version on invaild. Many more functions are available in the standard.

The ProcessOptimizer doen't only react on status changes. It can be called for example when a document info record is created or versioned or in many other cases. Therefor you can for example automatically create a new version of a drawing and the model its represation.

Combined rules for complexest check ups

Combination of complex rules, based on different rules and check methods are implementable.

.riess ProcessOptimizer Addon for metadata inheritance

Enhance the wide spread base functionality of the ProcessOptimizer with the .riess ProcessOptimizer Addon for metadata inheritance. Using this addon you expand the ProcessOptimizer functionalty with functions for meta data inheritance between SAP objects.

Access the following SAP table contents for inheritance...

...and inherit rule and access right based the SAP fiends 

Check source and target objects before and after inheritance for defined rules

The ProcessOptimizer Addon for metadata inheritance is able to compare selected fields or reference fields with configured values.

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