Quick and easy copying of complex Creo and Pro/ENGINEER structures

Using the .riess CopyAssistant, you can copy whole Creo and Pro/ENGINEER structures in SAP within a clear and easy to use user interface. Additionally you may add external references, family table variants and model drawings to your selection.

While copying a structure, the .riess CopyAssistant considers external references, family tables and drawings. File names will be automatically generated using configurable templates and wildcards. Also, you can define replacement rules to create file names.

Standard parts can be protected from copying. SAP attributes can be directly shown in the configurabe columns, so you'll have direct access to your SAP information.


 Use the functions and advantages of the CopyAssistant

  • Copy
  • Copy & replace
  • Rename
  • Object selection using search parameters (Of any shown SAP meta data)
  • Name generation using wildcards
  • Protection of standard parts from copying
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