„Know, what you really need.“

Our Best Practice Package have proven for years, that they put you in the position to collect experiences on the system in an early point in time.

You have the reqeuirements, we have the fitting package. 

After a short time you have an fully functional, up and running direct interface environment available. In hands on workshops together with our consulting specialists you will work out your very own, specific requirements on processes and the system.

Another plus point: Not only you get to know, what you really need. Our consultants collect in many different workshops your requirement and afterwards, they're able to estimate the defined scope of an implementation and/or migration project accurately-

„Budget planning on point – Without hidden costs.“

Kostenexplosionen in Projekten gehören mit unseren Pilotprojekten der Vergangenheit an. Profitieren Sie von den Workshop-Erkenntnissen und beginnen Sie ihr Projekt mit unseren Pilotprojekten zum Fixpreis. Sie entscheiden sich nach deren Abschluss auf einer fundierten Ausgangsbasis ob und wann es weiter geht. Basierend auf den Workshop-Ergebnissen erhalten Sie ein qualifiziertes Angebot von unserem Vertrieb und können das Projekt genauestens budgetieren und planen.

Exploding costs in projects are a thing from the past, using our pilot projects. Benefit from the workshop knowledge and start your project with our Best Practice Starterpackages. After the end of the pilot projects, you can decide based on a solid initial situation whether you continue with the full project or not. Based on the workshop results, our sales team will provide you a fully qualified quote and you're able to define and plan your budget on point.

The advantages summed up:

  • Best Practice Project, defined through 14 years of successfull customer projects-Projekt
  • Buildup of SAP PLM and CAD Interface know how in your own company
  • Is this the right solution for my company? Make yourself a non-binding picture of the solution and decide efficiently
  • Verified statement about costs and effors
  • Best decision basis
  • Intense care by our experienced consultants
  • A follow up implementation and/or migration project will continiue seamlessly, where the pilot project has ended. We use the built up environment to implement the defined requirements
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