Visualize your product data

Viewing files, which can be shown by every SAP user who has the access rights. 3D representations of your CAD models, accessable for your colleages, without having an installed CAD system.

Drawings are company wide in the released state available and in any point of time it's traceable who changed the status of the drawing when. SAP informations are also available direct on the drawing.

All of that and even more is offered by the .riess® Converter. Using the .riess® Converter you can easily connect your PTC Creo with any conversion server process in SAP.

Benefit from the Advantages of a fully automated, server side conversion process

  • No waiting time of the designers during viewing file generation. The viewing files are generated automatically in the background on your conversion server
  • High process security: SAP knows always the latest states of the viewing files
  • Documented status changes directly shown on the drawing: Synchronize SAP information like approver etc. directly into your PTC Creo drawing
  • SAP and PTC Creo functionality is already integrated
  • Simple configuration via GUI
  • Even the most complex, customer specific conversion scenarios can be easily realized using additional JavaScript

The .riess® Converter is homogeneously embedded into the SAP conversion process and offers the following funktions

  • Special commands to control PTC Creo Parametric
  • Creates PTC Creo plots and exports
  • Synchronization of SAP meta data with PTC Creo drawing parameters
  • Can be started automatically out of SAP via conversion server process (triggered by status change)
  • Control further file converters

Further features und functions:

  • Traceability in case of an error and success configurable
  • Support case on touch of a single button. (No more manual collecting of dozens of log files) 
  • Transfer of the number of drawing pages
  • Read and set the actual page number
  • Read the size and orientation of the page
  • Reset of the drawing views
  • Treatment of PTC Creo loading errors
  • Activation of PTC Creo Windows
  • Regeneration of drawings and 3D objects
  • Set a zoom factor
  • Showing and hiding of sheet to be able to convert precisely geometry on sheets trough show and hide sheets
  • Purge functionality
  • Usage of upper and lower case when setting the viewing file name
  • Full 32 bit & 64 bit support
  • Full UNICODE support
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