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Neutralformate, die von jedem SAP User der entsprechende Berechtigungen hat gesehen werden können. 3D Repräsentationen Ihrer CAD-Modelle für Kollegen zugänglich machen, die gar kein CAD-System installiert haben.

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SAP Webcast Series for Extended Supply Chain

After the great success of last year’s webcast series on “Seven Steps for Supply Chain Transformation”, we have now broadened the scope and will cover in 2015 the key areas of the Extended Supply Chain, including Manufacturing, R&D, and the Internet of Things topics.

SAP Webinar "Design for the Future with SAP Connected Products"

Solution individualization, speed of innovation and smarter product market dynamics are creating a new paradigm in which manufacturers must compete. Learn about SAP’s strategy and roadmap for Engineering / R&D solutions that enable companies to address these unique challenges. With the SAP Connected Products portfolio, companies not only manage their product design processes, they accelerate their innovations into the hands of their customers.

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Weitere Informationen & Anmeldung

Generelle Informationen zu den SAP Webcast Series: http://sapscm-webcasts.com

Anmeldung "Design for the Future with SAP Connected Products": http://sapscm-webcasts.com/page-Design-for-the-Future-with-SAP-Connected-Products.php


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